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Helping You Afford the Lifestyle You Deserve, Now and In Retirement

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An independent insurance and financial practice specializing in business and personal financial strategies. I am here to help you achieve your definition of wealth. Being independent means I am not restricted to offering financial tools provided by a single company. Instead, I search for the best tools available in order to “Expand Your Circle of Wealth” and provide you tailored strategies to  fulfill your specific needs and desires.


David Luke Mastos, LUTCF
116 Spring St. Suite A

P.O. Box 285

Oregon, WI 53575


My job as your Financial Consultant is to help you prudently accumulate, protect and transfer wealth. I am able to do the most good for individuals and families that have already accumulated some savings or with incomes that exceed their expenses. Many financial professionals will not take on new clients unless they have $250,000 $500,000 or even $1,000,000 to invest. I believe that if you possess a strong desire to accumulate wealth for yourself and your family, will make the commitment to do what is necessary and follow my advice, you should not be excluded from receiving professional counsel. We may just have to work harder, smarter and be more persistent.

If we do decide to work together, I promise …

…to care as much about the achievement of your financial goals as you do.
…to be strongly committed to the achievement of your financial goals.
…to always tell you the truth, always. Even if I think it is not what you want to hear. If I do not know the answer to your question, I will tell you I don’t know the answer. Then I will exhaust every resource available to find the answer for you.
…I will help you invest and protect your capital with as much care as I do my own because I know the financial ability to fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for your family is as sacred to you as mine is to me.
…I will provide you with excellent service, the level of service I would expect myself.
…given our mutual trust, there is no reasonable goal that we cannot accomplish together if we formulate a plan and follow it without fail.
…I understand that your financial future is entrusted to me, not to some plan or portfolio. It is a responsibility I accept and take very, very seriously.

Most Sincerely,

David L. Mastos, LUTCF